Epoxy Flooring Ltd specializes in custom garage floors.

Durable, aesthetic, easy to clean - our garage floor systems look great and last.

We use only the best in resin technology - products tried and tested in commercial and industrial applications - ensuring you have a floor that performs as it should for years to come.

Our custom garage floors fall into two main categories: Smooth systems and broadcast systems.

  • Smooth systems are 3-4 coat epoxy systems with a UV stable urethane topcoat.

  • Broadcast systems are textured finishes that consist of an epoxy base-coat with a coloured flake or aggregate with a clear urethane topcoat.

Epoxy Flooring Smooth UV and UV SL are premium coatings systems.

  • They are commercial grade resin coatings that will last for many years in the residential environment, offering a durable finish that gives your garage a classic high-end automotive garage appeal.


What sets our systems aside from basic DIY painted systems is all in the preparation, products used and application methods.


We diamond grind all our floors, creating a clean, smooth open surface. The floor is then inspected for any cracks, spalls or cuts which are then filled and left to cure before being ground flat.

The floor is then primed, sanded flat and base-coated. With the Smooth UV systems, this base coat is then sanded flat again before receiving the top-coat.


With the broadcast systems, the chosen aggregate is broadcast into the base-coat and left to cure before being scraped back, cleaned and top-coated.

This is a 3-4 day process resulting in a beautiful floor that you can be proud of.


When coating new slabs or older concrete susceptible to moisture, a vapour barrier may be necessary. This protects the coating from delamination due to hydrostatic pressure.


Flake Systems

Epoxy Flooring Flake Floors are extremely popular as residential garage floors as they are extremely durable, they look great, they offer a decent level of slip resistance yet are still easy to clean. They are very forgiving when it comes to scratch marks and they are impermeable

They come in a range of colours, with custom blends available upon request. Available in gloss or matte topcoat.


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